To feed the diabolical desires of the Slashers and to satisfy the hungering audience, the Evil Wardens have installed a variety of deadly Traps in the arenas of AMPUTHEATRE. The word "Trap" is a catch-all for any sort of torture device or hazardous terrain on the board which will injure or even kill any Slasher that stuimbles into it. What follows is a gallery of Traps that the Evil Wardens and their nefarious sponsors (Mandible Incorporated) have devised.

Traps come in two varieties, and it is difficult to determine which of the two is deadlier. Device Traps are models, and are placed at the start of the game. Floor Traps generally deal less damage than the Device Traps, but they appear in the Chaos Deck- and as such pack the element of surprise they can appear anywhere on the board.

Because of the damage they inflict, Slashers will always try to force each other into Traps. The three most common ways for players to accomplish this are by Throwing Slashers in (generally considered the easiest way), knocking them in with a Stagger or Fallen Attack (this possesses the most potential for Carnage) or through Random Movements caused through Blinding or Immolating attacks (the most haphazard way. And therefore the funniest.)

Some Traps have a danger zone that extends past their space (the Yeti-In-The-Box is notorious for this.) Many of the Floor Traps reset after being triggered and reappear on the board elsewhere. Slashers can also interact with some Traps. It is not uncommon for a Slasher to tear off someone's arm, and then disintegrate it with a vat of nitric acid before it can be grafted.

The Jack of Clubs is forced head-first into the Mandible Snare by Trigger Treat.

500HP Bonesaw

Slaughter Hook


Judas Cradle



Devil's Head Spider

Sacrifical Fire Pit

Scavenger's Daughter

Great White Shark