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ANKHMOTEP- a revived mummy with an evil pet firebird

Slashers are the playable characters in AMPUTHEATRE. Each and every Slasher is a violent murderer forced into combat, battling the others to achieve a full pardon for all of their crimes. No cheap shot or dirty trick will be spared in order to survive.

This is by no means a complete list of Slashers; keep a close eye on this website...

ASHEZZ- the country's most notorious arsonist
The BAGMAN- an Amputech test subject transformed into a zombie
BATHSHEBA-  an arrogant ballerina wearing spurs on her feet
BREAKNECK-  a small hovering robot with a chopper blade and machineguns

Each Slasher plays differently than the rest. There is no “best” Slasher in AMPUTHEATRE. Some Slashers may be very strong, but slow. Others may be able to tear across the board in a heartbeat, but crumble like a cracker after a single hit. Still others have excellent Reversal capability to compensate for a lackluster offense and vice versa. There are Slashers who excel at distance attacks but falter in close quarters combat. Finally, some Slashers benefit from the confusion of multiple-player bouts, while others prefer the comparative calm of mano a mano.

There are four different races of Slashers in AMPUTHEATRE.
The most prevalent Slashers- Humans- are widely believed to have been born into sinning, which may help to explain why they’re so good at it.

Monstrous Slashers are predatory- and sometimes prehistoric- aberrations of nature.

Unholy Slashers consist of either those Slashers not of our world, or those Humans who loved sinning too much to let even death curb them- demons and the undead, respectively.

Finally, Soulless Slashers are animated killing constructs comprised of various materials: metal, stone, even magic- but never pity.

For ease of use, each Slasher is rated from one to five skulls (5 being the best) in eight key categories:

Power: A general measure of the Slasher's physical strength.
Speed: How fast and/or far the Slasher is capable of moving.
Dexterity: A rough idea of the agility of the Slasher.
Focus: A hint of the Slasher's concentration. Useful for avoiding taunts, sneak attacks, and also for casting Spells.
Stamina: How much damage the Slasher can endure before showing pain.
Retaliation: How adept the Slasher is at counter-attacking.
Evasion: A Slasher's prowess at escaping either grapples or impalement.
Brutality: How much damage the Slasher is known to inflict in a typical game.

Also given are brief descriptions of each Slasher's Evil Deeds- special powers unique to them. Each Evil Deed is classified as being either Painful, Sadistic, or Fatal. Sadistic and Fatal Evil Deeds are performed on weaker Slashers. Evil Deeds listed in White are considered Desperate Measures; these are performed by ailing Slashers who are losing health.


All figures were created and constructed by Gil Merritt. Each figure has removable arms and a removable head, and most stand between 4" and 5" high. Some Slashers have an "alternate" figure, in case two players wish to play the same Slasher.

Materials to create each figure include: Chenille stems, acrylic paint, a variety of fabrics but most commonly felt, dowel rods, salvaged action figure accessories (most commonly weapons), plexiglass, and whatever else was around the house.

All Slashers and their images are Copyright 2005-2009 Gil Merritt. All rights reserved.
BUBO GASTON-  the formerly renowned chef, now a plaguebearer
CROSSFACE-  a homicidal preacher ignorant of his own sexuality
CRUCIFIEND-  the blind and blood-crazed scourge of the earth
D'SEFF- an immense two-headed demon
DR. CERATOPS-  a disgraced neurologist obsessed with trepanation
FLIPSIDE- a student rendered insane by the death of his empathic twin
GENERAL GHEBEMBWE- the evil, stilt-legged, vampire dictator
GNASH- a bizarre beast marked for extinction by the government
GUTWRENCH- an Automated Field Interrogation Device
HAGFISH- an undead mermaid resurrected by Y'Shakaa to do his bidding
HAZMAT- formerly a beauty queen; now she's an acidic, melting monster
HE WHO WILTS- an animated scarecrow with a murder of ravens at his call
IXNAY- a cop-killer failed by the Witness Protection Program
THE JACK OF CLUBS- a nearly indestructible murdering machine
JINGLEBUNNY- a psychotic killer dressed like his cartoon idol
KAIAPHAS- a gangbanger now pledging his allegiance to the Spider Cult      
KEELHAUL- a giant robot propelled by an enormous spiked front wheel      
KING BAKEMONO- a sinister spirit able to assume the form of a cat      
KONGOR- a crazed gorilla and London's mysterious Hospital Strangler      
LOCUSTA- one of Varga's experiments: a giant, man-eating plant      
LOGGERHEAD- the colossal leader of The Shrikes, the country's largest gang      
LORD MORAX- a heavy metal musician who strings his guitar with the intestines of children      
LYCOSUS- the sinister and methodical High Priest of the Spider Cult      
MALICE- a former drug addict embracing self-abuse and scarification      
MANDIBULA- an evil demoness wishing to free herself from servitude      
MR. EYEBALL PLUCKER- the dark spirit dwelling in the closets of children      
NINE LIVES- one-half of the "Hopscotch Killers", rumored unkillable
OLYMPUS- a Russian decathlete deformed by the use of illegal steroids      
OUBLIETTE- an astronaut with powers over darkness and black holes      
PORTIA- the hideously deformed child bride of the spider-priest Lycosus      
QUACKSALVER- an enigmatic leecher causing widespread chaos over the airwaves      
RIPTEASE- a brutal competitor in the illegal sport of "roller edge"      
SCOUNCH ONE-EAR- a member of Gnash's species; unhappy with his leadership      
SEVEREN- a long-dead gunfighter defending his desecrated grave      
SUNDERELLA- a savage circus bear enamoured with the taste of human flesh      
TAENIA- a supermodel hosting a gigantic parasite in her broken body      
THE THICKET- the other "Hopscotch Killer"; completely wrapped in barbed wire      
THRUSH- matriarch to a bloodthirsty pack of enormous, carnivorous marsupial rats      
TRIGGER TREAT- a serial shooter and middle brother of the Hopscotch Killers      
VARGA- the most Evil Warden of all, imprisoned by her terrified cohorts      
WILLY MAMMOTH- an unscrupulous wrestler proving his mettle in the AMPUTHEATRE      
WRETCHEDNESS- a former ambassador sealed in a heavy stone mask for his crimes      
XENICHTHYS- a horrible fish-like beast from the ocean's depths      
Y'SHAKAA- a Lemurian out to steal the Evil Wardens' Spell Book and rule the earth      
ZUHOCHTLOTL- Aztec priest to an evil Sun God and one of the Spell Book's scribes      
ZWANZIGER- once a prison guard, now an aggressive and enormous scorpion      
All Slashers and their images are Copyright 2005-2009 Gil Merritt. All rights reserved.