You can easily commission monsters and figures- whether of AMPUTHEATRE characters, custom beasts, role-playing characters- from me, your humble Gil-Monster, either through my email ( , my Etsy site or Chenille Macabre. (You can also click here for a portfolio of my work over at deviantART.)

When requesting a monster or character, please specify their coloration, armor, accessories, distinguishable scars, etc. as well as any specific dates by which you would like the monster. Please allow four to six weeks for a finished monster.

Payment arrangements are discussed before the building, and finalized upon completion of the monster. Custom creatures range from $20 and up for miniatures (2" or 5.08 cm high) and $40 and up for AMPUTHEATRE Slashers and figures (4" or 10.16 cm high and up).

Sorry: Custom orders are not accepted between December 1st- December 24th of any given year. Get your holiday orders in early!


...If you don't want a Chenille Macabre miniature or figure, but you've enjoyed this site or the artwork you've seen, please consider making a donation to my PayPal account (send to This money will go directly into making AMPUTHEATRE available to the general public, and get you ever so nearer to procuring your own copy of the game.

A donation of $40 (U.S.) or more will grant you your very own unique Chenille Macabre miniature.. (Finished creatures may differ from the ones shown here.)

...And just in case you're really ubergenerous, I have an Amazon Wish List...

All characters and their images are Copyright 2005-2006 Gil Merritt. All rights reserved.