THE GIL-MONSTER (Gil Merritt) is the creator, writer, and head artist of AMPUTHEATRE: The World's Goriest Board Game.

Gil grew up in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, surrounded by his parents' old collections of Pogo and MAD Magazine. At the age of four, he was upset that his neat, new package of cheap, plastic dinosaurs did not contain a Tyrannosaurus Rex. He picked up some twist ties from a box of Hefties, and was able to create a crude- okay, shitty- T. Rex shape to cavort with the others. He would get better at this; he graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in Illustration.

His underground comic strip Perky & Slick ran for eight years in various magazines: RIT's Reporter, Rochester's Tymeout Magazine, and Gracies' Dinnertime Theatre. Gil has also contributed work for Spinning Grave productions as an actor, writer, director, and animator (including the short Bloody Testicles From Hell, for the film Enter The Dagon) and has also contributed to the Sudden Death Manic Mondays podcast. Look for him as a spike-wearing chicken zombie in the Troma film Poultrygeist.

Gil lives with his wife Astrida, a ferret, and two cats that revert to their three-faced goblinoid forms at the drop of a hat.

Photo by Blake Roberts.